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5 Reasons to Unify Performance with Your Talent Management

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5 Reasons to Unify Performance with Your Talent Management

October 06, 2016 Kevin Burns

At one time, many employers as well as employees dreaded performance evaluations. When they concluded, staff members rarely received concrete advice that they could put into practice. Instead, there were just mountains of paperwork to be filed away, perhaps never to be looked at again.

These days, though, a performance management system can be informative and dynamic. It often boosts employees' skills thanks to 360 degree feedback, and it can make an entire organization more productive. This HR software also gives you recruiting and onboarding tools; these programs can teach new staff members about corporate policies and procedures.

To be specific, a performance management program could supply you and your team with the following advantages.

1. Employee Performance Tracking for Compensation Packages

A pay-for-performance system can be extremely tricky to institute. Unless you can precisely quantify how well each worker is doing, you're bound to get complaints about favoritism and unfairness.

Fortunately, though, software can track a wide range of employee metrics. This information, which is simple to access, will allow you to identify your highest achievers and to reward them appropriately.

Once you have an employee performance tracking program in place, you're likely to attract outstanding job candidates to your company.

2. Employee Development Upgrades

Performance management software makes it easy to pinpoint the specific skill gaps that exist among a group of staff members. Trainers can then work with those individuals to get them up to speed.

What's more, you'll be able to see which training activities are the most effective at boosting employee development. That way, you can eliminate teaching methods that are less efficient so that you're not wasting your workers' time.

On top of that, your employees will continually obtain 360 degree feedback, suggestions that will lead to true career development.

3. Ways to Improve Employee Engagement and Succession Planning

Performance management software can let you locate people throughout your organization who've exhibited leadership ability. That way, you can work with those potential leaders and assist them in setting goals.

When you inform talented staff members that they're in line for promotions, you improve employee engagement. By contrast, without career advancements to look forward to, gifted individuals might grow restless and choose to work somewhere else.

4. Alignments in Employee and Company Goals

It's vital for all of your workers to know what your company's specific goals are. They can then make sure that they're supporting those objectives, and they'll feel more valued. With the big picture in mind, they'll also have a stronger sense of direction, and they might be more willing to seek out any training that they need.

5. Data That's Available Instantly

With a digital performance management system, you'll always have a wealth of macro and micro info at hand, which will let you make decisions faster and with much more accuracy. Further, you'll be able to send easy-to-read data to any of your stakeholders at any time.

If you're interested in such a program, Cornerstone's employee management and HR software can deliver all of these benefits to you.

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