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How Utility Companies in India are Using Onboarding Software

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How Utility Companies in India are Using Onboarding Software

October 28, 2016 Kevin Burns

Poor geological conditions and lack of civil infrastructure combine with law and order problems has caused limited growth for modern Indian utility companies. Compounding this issue, too many Indian companies are essentially living in the past when it comes to employee onboarding. By taking advantage of the most innovative onboarding software, utility companies can largely ameliorate many of the problems that slow growth in utilities today.

In all of India's burgeoning industries, high growth rates are typically welcomed as harbingers of success. Although growth is currently a welcome attribute of the Indian utility industry, a very fast growth rate can arrive with new challenges in tow. For example, rapidly expanding companies need continuous streams of talented recruits. Recruiting the right people is a complex task in and of itself. Employee retention is equally important for ensuring your company has what it takes to thrive for the long-term.

Faster Integration of New Hires Helps You Improve Productivity

The onboarding process plays an important role in ensuring that your new hires are fully integrated into your organization. Just as importantly, proper onboarding ensures that utility employees are trained properly for unfailing legal compliance. Since the regulations governing Indian utilities see regular change, it is essential for all employees to work together to limit corporate legal exposure. Onboarding software helps you hone your compliance lesson plan for greater speed and efficiency. The sooner you get your new hires trained and ready, the sooner you can achieve better work flow and improve productivity in your company.

Onboarding New Employees with New Tools to Meet New Challenges

Despite its many challenges, the Indian utility industry has defied critics to raise its electricity output steadily over the course of the past 20 years. Still, a number of Indian districts deal with electricity shortages as a matter of daily course. In order to meet the nation's power needs, utilities are increasingly producing renewable energy. New methodologies of power generation require flexible, adaptable methods for onboarding new employees. The best modern software for onboarding combines this functionality with other related functions, including HR document management. The onboarding process often goes overlooked by managers ostensibly seeking new ways to improve the productivity of their work forces. During a time when many utility companies are frustrated by limited access to ports in South Africa and Indonesia, companies that train their employees expertly can compensate for structural factors afflicting the utility industry.\

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