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Integrate Real-Time Training with Salesforce


Integrate Real-Time Training with Salesforce

December 01, 2016 Kevin Burns

As a cloud-based task and case management system, Salesforce can boost the productivity of your sales team. To maximize the effectiveness of the tool, employees need an integrated LMS available whenever they require help completing a task.

Whether it’s managing clients with Salesforce CRM, delivering high-quality customer service or improving marketing strategies, sales team training with a tool like Cornerstone for Salesforce is a critical part of your company’s educational toolkit.

The Importance of Performance Support (PS) Tools

Even after thorough training, there comes a point when members of your team hit a wall during a routine task. Finding the information needed to move on leads to lost time and a decrease in productivity. Statistics reveal employees spend as much as 20 percent of the workday hunting down answers to job-related questions. When you extrapolate this across your entire organization, it’s easy to see why you need a better solution.

The right PS tools provide a “learning modality, resource, or asset that is accessible and applicable at the moment of need” to strengthen essential competencies and keep employees on task even as they learn.

Stay in the Workflow with Training on Salesforce

According to Gloria Gery, author of Electronic Performance Support Systems: How and Why to Remake the Workplace through the Strategic Application of Technology, learning while doing is the best way to master a task. Cornerstone for Salesforce reinvents the way organisations deliver information and provides learning management software (LMS) to deliver performance support right when employees need it.

Called “just-in-time” training, this method of delivering educational modules keeps tasks moving in a logical flow. Rather than navigating out of the Salesforce system to outside resources and breaking an important train of thought, sales team members are offered “rich, ongoing learning opportunities” to “keep [them] engaged and skilled.”

Creating the Best Just-in-time Training for Sales & Service Teams

The ideal just-in-time training software for sales and service teams operates by delivering information based on a user’s actions. If an employee reaches an impasse while working, consultant Conrad Gottfredson states the solution should be “accessible in two clicks” and easy to implement “within ten seconds.” He cites five “moments of need” in which employees can benefit from this training on Salesforce:

  • Picking up new skills
  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Applying information
  • Solving challenges
  • Changing skills

Each requires an integrated and actionable environment built with productivity in mind.

Better Sales Team Training with Cornerstone

With Cornerstone for Salesforce LMS built natively on platform, employees get targeted assistance the moment they need it. Specific “training triggers” deliver the solutions necessary to complete tasks, offer information when handling customer concerns and deploy training within the Salesforce platform. This approach facilitates productivity by allowing individuals to train and grow as they work.

When your team members have learning modules available right at their fingertips, sales training becomes a normal part of their daily jobs. More time can be spent helping customers and completing tasks, leading to better productivity and greater personal growth. Track progress with Cornerstone for Salesforce LMS to see how our app improves your team over time.

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