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New Ways to Reimagine Employee Productivity

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New Ways to Reimagine Employee Productivity

November 14, 2016 Kevin Burns

In the modern workplace, traditional talent management strategies no longer suffice especially in India’s dynamic economy. When the top executives of India’s largest corporations were queried about the most basic issues that could hamper their growth, the reply was commonly related to talent acquisition and retention. More specifically, the executives cited the dearth of skilled workers. While India’s educational institutions were turning out workforce-ready graduates, rapid economic and industrial growth demanded new skill sets and updated knowledge base sooner than corporate trainers could provide. Clearly, India’s growth companies need solutions that would enhance productivity as an individual and as a team while supporting professional development.

Deploying modern tools to cope with 21st century issues is also an important consideration in the productivity equation. Collaboration tools for business that facilitate communication and cooperation among employees provide valuable opportunities to share information in real time, helping to keep the team focused on common goals.

Team Collaboration Software Drives Productivity

Companies in the growth phase have to work harder, longer and sometimes, with fewer resources than established companies. India has distinguished itself as an upstart in the tech world with a talent pool that is immense. The information technology sector in India is valued at US$150 billion and still growing according to a tech blog. Many of these companies achieved remarkable growth by leveraging their unique strengths in a global economy.

In this type of marketplace, businesses are open 24/7 to accommodate clients and employees who are in different locations in different time zones. Team collaboration software provides these ideal solutions:

  • Facilitates seamless social communication
  • Real time information sharing
  • Response time is reduced
  • Downtime due to pending action from other parties is minimized.

Employees are empowered to act according to their own time frame, driving motivation and creating more efficient processes.

Equal Access to Team Collaboration Tools regardless of Location

In India, 58 percent of learning content is developed in-house by Subject Matter Experts or SMEs. With team collaboration tools, expertise and experience can be shared conveniently on a centralized platform. Everyone on the team can tap into individual or group expertise regardless of location. Lacking specialized knowledge of any aspect of the business process is no longer a limitation because collaboration is not restricted by geography or scheduling restrictions. Using collaboration software, projects may be kick-started, documents shared, tasks assigned and signups confirmed efficiently.

Task Management Software Streamlines Processes and Timelines

A centralized system of tracking assignments, deadlines and schedules is a time-saver. Employees can spend more time doing the actual work instead of wasting time searching for information from different places. Task management software pulls everything into one place whether it involves open discussion, providing feedback or managing data and documents. This system of social collaboration becomes a feedback and reward system where employees learn from each other and from resources provided by the company. Positive feedback builds confidence while motivating each employee to seek professional development.

Business Tools for Effective Talent Management

Businesses thrive when companies hire the right talent for every job and provide the resources and opportunities for employees to grow. An automated system will connect employees to the training resources and business tools needed to maximize professional growth. Even at the new-hire stage, HR strategies call for collaboration, using business tools to facilitate social onboarding .

Cornerstone Connect is part of a suite of human resource applications focused on supporting talent management strategies. It is a productivity tool that empowers individuals while supporting collaborative efforts to foster team building and underline the importance of communications in India's modern workplace settings.

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