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Cornerstone Collaborative Learning

Engage learners to develop leaders and drive innovation.

Align Learning & Organisational Goals with Social LMS

Cornerstone Collaborative Learning brings learners together to exchange ideas and apply knowledge to real problems with collaborative and formal learning tools. By interacting with peers from across the organisation, learners more easily acquire and retain the skills they need to excel in their roles. Your organisation can close skills and leadership gaps and position itself for success, now and into the future.

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Collaborative Learning Tools

Create cohort programs to deliver guided and personalised learning experiences. Collaborative learning tools, woven seamlessly into online training, help you identify high performers and build stronger teams.

Social Learning Tools

Provide an easy way for instructors to moderate online discussions across multiple cohorts to deepen learner understanding and inspire dialogue with social learning tools, while eliminating travel time and costs.

Interactive Training Software

Make it easy for employees to quickly connect with peers and leaders to get the answers they need, when they need them.Make learning fun again with interactive training software.

Collaborative Learning Environment

Position your employees for success. Create one interactive collaborative learning environment where teams can engage in productive conversations and access information and learning content that develops and enforces critical skills.

  • Collaborative Learning Tools
  • Social Learning Tools
  • Interactive Training Software
  • Collaborative Learning Environment

Benefits of Cornerstone Collaborative Learning

Aligning learning with organisational goals and creating programs that captivate your overwhelmed learners is challenging. To deliver on your organisation’s vision and training needs, Cornerstone Collaborative Learning enables you to engage learners and continuously deliver the right training to the right people.

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Employee Training and Development

Simplify employee training with access to best practice documents and libraries of resources. Knowledge is mined across the entire organisation to drive smarter decisions, faster.

Social Learning Drives Innovation

Bring together employees from all corners of the globe with social learning software and of diverse backgrounds to unlock compelling ideas and see them through. Share successes and provide actionable feedback to keep innovation moving.

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Engage Employees with Team Collaboration Tools

Make work learning, so learning becomes meaningful. Employees take the lead in developing their careers —a key factor in retaining great performers. Employees stay motivated and their success becomes your success with team collaboration tools.

Reduce Training Costs

Reduce training costs and elevate learning. With rich-media content and guided learning tools, you can engage your learners, regardless of time and place.

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