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Link pay to performance & drive results with Compensation Management

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Compensation Planning

Manage a wide range of compensation programs including salary, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments, and other discretionary pay components. Budget salaries with compensation planning software across the whole company in one easy to use tool.

Incentive Compensation Planning

Develop and implement incentive compensation strategies for the distribution of bonus and equity with tools that improve accuracy, boost consistency, and ensure compliance.

Easily View Compensation Plan

Create organization-branded compensation statements that provide employees with information on the total value of their compensation plan in one comprehensive view.

Salary Budgeting & Reporting

Increase transparency and visibility for managers with reports and dashboards that show approval workflows, salary managment, and analytics tools that allow for the creation of sophisticated custom reports.

  • Compensation Planning
  • Incentive Compensation Planning
  • Easily View Compensation Plan
  • Salary Budgeting & Reporting
Automatically adjust increases, manage variable pay, and accurately appraise specific job roles based on integrated salary data.
Create bonus scenarios and receive recommendations to optimize bonus awards.
Create custom compensation statements that include awards and custom bonus types.
Create custom reports for accurate compensation reporting across the organisation.