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Inspire employee productivity & reward top talent with workforce management software

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Performance Management Tools

Utilize powerful performance management tools to measure individual employee performance, 360-degree reviews, competencies, and goal completion.

Talent Management System & Competency Tracking

Maximize the potential of your organization by providing the talent management system needed to identify and close skill gaps and align talent.

Employee Performance Monitoring - Real Time

Benchmark competencies as they are being performed. From any device, use mobile employee performance monitoring to observe employees as they perform critical job duties.

Social Feedback & Goal Tracking

Offer team recognition and employee goal tracking with social feedback badges and 1-on-1 encouragement.

  • Performance Management Tools
  • Talent Management System & Competency Tracking
  • Employee Performance Monitoring - Real Time
  • Social Feedback & Goal Tracking
Encourage social goals by allowing feedback with 360 reviews from peers and managers.
Visually identify how employees' skills fit with those required for a specific role.
Develop configurable performance checklists to systematically assess and monitor skills in real-time and in the field.
Employees collect badges and feedback, which are included in performance reviews.