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Use candidate assessments to make better workforce decisions.

Hire the Right Talent Faster with Predictive Recruitment Software

Predictive recruitment software that quickly identifies the right candidates who are most likely to stay in a job and be productive. Cornerstone Selection uncovers which candidates are the most promising at the point of application — giving recruiters the ability to focus on those candidates who are the best fit for your culture, the position, and most able to drive your business forward.

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Realistic Job Previews

Employees are great if they fit their job. Realistic Job Previews help “weed out” applicants who are not a good fit for an open position by sharing with them some of the realities of a job before they apply.

Employee Testing and Selection

Behavioral and work-style preference questions, dealing with job-specific scenarios and situations, best enable you to determine a candidate’s potential for success. This employee testing and selection uncovers how a candidate will likely behave in a new job.

Hiring Analytics with Work Simulations

Simulations can be a critical measure in selecting the best candidates. Work Simulations help determine candidate’s qualifications for a job and provide a greater degree of fairness in the process. When work simulations and hiring analytics are coupled together companies hire much more qualified employees.

Interview Guides

Based on a candidate’s responses during an assessment, an Interview Guide is created to provide interviewers with guidance on how to focus their questions to best uncover an applicant’s fit for the role.

  • Realistic Job Previews
  • Employee Testing and Selection
  • Hiring Analytics with Work Simulations
  • Interview Guides

Benefits of Cornerstone's Predictive Recruitment Software

For high-volume, lower-skill roles, a lot of time is spent sorting through qualifications, interviewing and even hiring candidates who are a bad fit for an open position and your organization. For highly skilled workers, every day lost not operating at full capacity is a significant loss for employers. Cornerstone solves these problems using our cutting-edge predictive recruitment software, your data, and a continuous optimization approach.

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Interview Software for Improved Hiring

Our interview software provides scoring technology and machine learning for continuous improvements to your hiring process. Small tweaks to our advanced algorithms enables ongoing accuracy improvements against your recruiting data. With Cornerstone, there’s no need for repeated disruptive employee assessments to recalibrate the algorithms.

How Hiring Software Yields More High Performers

Use Cornerstone's performance tracking software to establish a baseline of your high performers. Then leverage the ongoing employee improvements with hiring software so you will be able to see the predictive success of a candidate in a certain role before the interviewing and hiring decisions are made.

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product benefits graphic

Recruitment Management System On Talent Suite

Selection is now part of Cornerstone’s Unified Talent Management system. This means that scores can be used to make better hires through Cornerstone's Recruiting Management System or assign better training for employees through Cornerstone Learning.

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