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The Cornerstone Client Experience

Your path to success

Guidance, transparency, agility, and a culture of listening: these core values drive what we do. We’ve developed a client success framework for bringing your people strategy to life.

Your success is our sole focus
  • 17+ years of expertise and best practices
  • Unified, organically-built software
  • Products built to meet your goals and processes
  • Help making sure your people realise their potential

Client Success Framework

Focus, partnership, success

This framework is our transparent partnership model defining what clients should expect at each phase of our relationship. We outline milestones, responsibilities, and collaboration; we even share how we measure success. All our cards are on the table so you're never left guessing.


A personalised experience that works for you

Setting up any new solution comes with twists and turns. Let Cornerstone navigate this complex path so you can go live with confidence. Our focus is on processes, not functionality, during this pivotal moment in your experience. We use an Intelligent Start, Agility, and Expert guidance to help set you up for success.

Cornerstone U

The right information and training at the right time

Your success matters to us. Cornerstone University's global team provides training experiences to help administrators master Cornerstone. We all learn differently. That's why we make sure you're successful using our solution no matter what your learning style is.

Cornerstone Content

Create a captivating learning journey

Get your workforce excited to learn! Design an amazing, personalised learning experience with our wide range of learning content.

Client Success Managers

Your partner for paving the way to success

Cornerstone Client Success Managers (CSMs) are talent management leaders who can help you achieve strong business outcomes. They know what lies ahead in your journey - and what success looks like. Their sole focus is your success.

Client Engagement

Ask questions. Be heard. Share insights.

Part of being successful is being heard. We make sure you have a voice, and a place to learn more. Collaborate and connect with other clients, find the answers you need, and share a tidbit or two from your own experience.

Global Product Support

Ensuring your success every single day

Questions? We're happy to help.
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